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Thursday, 3 January 2008 at 02:30 GMT, by SiteAdmin

These days it seems every one who tests software is looking at using some kind of test automation suite, the type of application, whether it be a web based, desktop or components based app can all be automated, or so we’re told.

Expectation will be the ultimate failure of an automation project carried out, unrealistic targets and poorly researched automation tools will result in the cancellation of 40% of new projects in there first year.

Irelands Own

aplSoft are Irelands leading software automation specialists. Ireland has been at the forefront of IT technology growth for the last 10 years and in an ever expanding market, competition for software consumption has grown exponentially. This has driven development houses to try to reduce costs while increasing standards. More and more companies are looking at automation as a way to not only cut costs in the testing cycle but to also reduce there time to market.

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